Ludwigshafen on the Rhine

From 2 - 4 December 2018, the chamber opera “The Emperor of Atlantis or The Death Refusal” will be performed in Hall 6, Rheinallee 2a at the Luitpoldhafen in Ludwigshafen. The opera was created in 1943/44 in the concentration camp Theresienstadt and was written by Viktor Ullmann and Peter Kien, who were initially imprisoned in the ghetto Theresienstadt and later murdered in the concentration camp Auschwitz. The opera around the terror ruler Emperor of Atlantis, which means Hitler, but also any dictator, can be understood as the last cry of artists against the National Socialist regime. Background information and ticket booking on

As part of the opera, Luigi Toscano presents a selection of his pictures, which were created as part of the remembrance project “Lest we forget”. The larger-than-life portraits of Holocaust survivors can be seen in Hall 6 for the performances of “The Emperor of Atlantis”.