LEST WE FORGET is a project by the photographer and filmmaker Luigi Toscano under the patronage of the German Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas. Previous patron was Dr. Frank Walter Steinmeier. Toscano spent a whole year travelling and meeting Holocaust survivors in Germany, the United States, Ukraine, Israel and Russia. He gave them the opportunity to share their personal story – probably for the last time. The result: more than 200 portrait photos – the heart of the project.  They are at the center of a photographic installation as well as an illustrated book  and an app.

When the meetings with the first protagonists started, we quickly realized that LEST WE FORGET was going to be more than just a short-term project. The people shared a lot with us – their very personal life stories. And they encouraged us to go on. Like Anna Strishkowa who we portrayed in Kiev in 2015: "If not us, who?"

Each and every story is unique.  But at the same time, each and every story was also told for the countless others that could not be told anymore. LEST WE FORGET is more than just a look back at our past, as remembrance has a great influence on how we feel and act. The 94 year old protagonist Susan Cernyak-Spatz shared a quote with us that gets to the heart of it: "If we forget the past, we are condemned to repeat it." "If we forget the past, we are condemned to repeat it." 

LEST WE FORGET is designed as an exhibition in public spaces . Our goal is an open and barrier-free presentation of the pictures with access to all people. This democratic demand will remain crucial for us. However, with regard to the concrete form of the exhibition, we place great emphasis on openness and flexibility. This opens a broad range of opportunities: Even if places, conditions and forms change, the nature of the installation can be maintained. Would you support us to bring LEST WE FORGET to your city?  Then we are looking forward to hearing from you! Link to contact information

Besides the installation that will visit many more cities around the world, we currently pursue another important side project: the documentary film  LEST WE FORGET.